Evaluate. Revitalize. Restore.

Sustainable Solutions for Lake and Watershed Management

How Is RLS Different?

RLS is the only niche firm in the state of Michigan that offers ONLY lake restoration and management services. This is to best assist our lake communities with the best expertise possible that is needed for successful lake restoration projects.

Each RLS scientist is trained to target unique lake issues and offer cost-effective, ecologically sound, and sustainable strategies for optimum lake health.

How RLS Gives Back to Our Communities

  • RLS annually sponsors the Evans Lake and Big Star Lake 5-K runs as well as the annual Grand Haven U.S. Coast Guard Festival.
  • Michael Solomon, MS, senior hydrologist, volunteers hundreds of hours each year for the nonprofit Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society.
  • Grant Jones volunteers hundreds of hours annually to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in Boat Crew operations.
  • Jennifer L. Jermalowicz-Jones, PhD annually contributes hundreds of hours between the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations non-profit and is also a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

New Projects:

  • Indian Lake, Logan County, OH
  • Indian Lake, Cuba, MO
  • Lake St. Helen, Roscommon County, MI
  • Lake Columbia, Jackson County, MI
  • Ruth Lake, Hinsdale, IL

News Flashes

RLS regularly publishes in the Michigan Riparian

RLS has been working on Golfview Lake in Hinsdale, IL to restore the lake. In only one year, the lake (once fishless) now is teeming with life and gaining water clarity!

RLS has created an internal working guidebook to keep our workers and clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RLS is the global leader in evaluation of laminar flow aeration

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